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Ncuti Gatwa - The 15th Doctor

Image courtesy of BAD WOLF/BBC STUDIOS©

About XV - the replicas

Did you make the *actual* jewellery that Ncuti Gatwa wears on Dr Who?

Yes! In my tiny workshop in Cardiff. I made the originals, as worn by the fifteenth doctor, and will be working to my reference pieces and photographs to ensure I'm happy with every single replica piece.

Why are some of the pieces marked as pre-orders?

The rings and deluxe necklaces are made to order, and have to be cast (to your size in the case of rings) before I can start adding the gold and carving them into shape and hallmarking them.  This takes time.  So far they've been ready to ship in 8 weeks, but this time could increase during busy periods, to up to 16 weeks.  As soon as you pay, I get to work and you'll be notified when your pieces are ready. 

What do I need to know before I order?

The ring size is most important. In the UK you can order a sizer from me at the time of ordering. Elsewhere please get sized properly at a jewellers. Sizes must be confirmed along with your order number within 7 days of ordering, or your order cannot be processed and you may need to wait until the next production run. The rings are varying widths, the narrowest is 6mm wide, the widest 14mm which can be too wide for some people. Please check you are ok with this. Necklaces come in two lengths, please check the listings for details.

How long will it take?

This is the first time I've undertaken something like this, and the initial run will take a little longer than subsequent ones.  Each ring master needs to be modelled in each size (there are 32 options and 5 rings needing each!) which will take around 6-8 weeks. Each ring and pendant needs to be made and finished by hand, and needs to be checked and hallmarked at London Assay Office (it's my legal responsibility).  The final stage is getting the look just right.  Each piece is oxidised (chemically made grubby!) and scrubbed back with polished highlights, just like the ones worn by the Doctor. Basically, it'll take around 8-16 weeks! They'll be supplied in gift boxes.  As soon as they're ready I'll be shipping them out to you.

What if I change my mind?

All orders are custom made and once paid for, they'll be put into production. Only orders that are received by customers that are faulty or damaged will be replaced or given store credit. 

I've seen replicas cheaper elsewhere, why should I buy yours?

I only sell these designs through my site, which is right here.

I made and hold copyright over the original jewellery designs, which are registered at the Intellectual Property Office. If you see copies anywhere else for sale, I didn't make them and they are also infringing copyright law. I'm part of ACID (Anti Copying in Design) and have worked extremely hard to produce quality, original pieces.  Please don't buy from people ripping me off! I plan to do a guide soon to making your own cosplay pieces as long as they are not made for sale! If this is something you'd like to see, drop me a message.


Can you ship worldwide?

My shipping is limited currently to specific countries. Hallmarking and individual countries' postal regulations vary from country to country and each packet needs to be insured. If there's a country you want a quote for shipping to that's not in the list at checkout, please contact me. Customers are responsible for ALL duties, taxes and custom charges (which can be a significant percentage of the purchase price) so please check before ordering. 

It isn't cheap is it?

No, with good reason. The replicas are made in silver & gold, which are incredibly expensive. I hand-make each piece, which takes a great deal of work.  I've carefully sourced excellent UK suppliers of services (like casting and the gemstones), and made sure the chains are made in the UK, the silver in the rings is recycled from NHS X-rays (cool) and everything is made with the same attention to detail I gave to creating the originals.  All pieces will be tested for metal purity at London Assay Office and given a hallmark, including my makers mark.  

I have another question!

Ok! Please email who@niziblian.com

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